Diavgeia Redefined

Linked Open Data Bitcoin in Diavgeia


Beginning October 1st, 2010, all government institutions are obliged to upload their acts and decisions on the Diavgeia portal with special attention to issues of national security and sensitive personal data. Each document is digitally signed and assigned a unique Internet Uploading Number (IUN) certifying that the decision has been uploaded at the Transparency Portal. Following the latest legislative initiative (Law 4210/2013) of the Ministry of Administrative Reform and e-Governance, administrative acts and decisions are not valid unless published online.

The main objectives of the Program concern:

  1. Safeguarding transparency of government actions.
  2. Eliminating corruption by exposing it more easily when it takes place.
  3. Reinforcing citizens’ constitutional rights, such as the participation in the Information Society.
  4. Enhancing and modernizing existing publication systems of administrative acts and decisions.
  5. Making of all administrative acts available in formats that are easy to access, navigate and comprehend, regardless of the citizen’s knowledge level of the inner processes of the administration.

Diavgeia Redefined is a re-engineering of Diavgeia, using Linked Open Data and the Bitcoin blockchain.

Linked Open Data

We study how decisions of Greek government institutions can be modeled using ontologies expressed in OWL (Diavgeia ontology). The Web editor is a tool which enables Greek government institutions to author their decisions inside a web browser and transparently publish these decisions expressed in RDF. The Visualizer tool can be used by any interested party in order to visualize any RDF decision of Diavgeia online, on their web browser. The SPARQL endpoint empowers programmers or other experts to find detailed information about public sector decisions and explore government data in a Semantic query-like fashion.




How can we be sure about the immutability of the Greek government decisions over time? The Stamper guarantees the integrity of the decisions by storing them on the bitcoin blockchain.

Consistency Verifier

The Consistency Verifier is the tool which can be used by the interested parties in order to verify that decisions have remained immutable over time.

Screenshots of the Web Editor & Visualizer

The screenshots refer to two different decision types. You can see the authoring procedure of an Appointment decision type, as it is done on the Web editor and its visualization. The other screenshots present an Award (a decision type which contains financial transactions).

Web editor



Diavgeia Redefined is an open source project, hosted on this Github repository.

Please pay a visit to our repository in case you want to learn more about the technical details of Diavgeia Redefined, read the installation instructions or generally get involved with the project.